Monday, April 2, 2018

North Carolina

I spent January and February 2018 in North Carolina, and just want to remember the beauty of it.

I spent the first five weeks at Sparkroot farm in the piedmont region.

Headed for hot chocolate after the snowball fight.  We then did a plunge in the frozen lake...

Every day new weather

Every day new beauty

Every day a new landscape

Every day new patterns on the creek

Every day a new sky

Mulching the winter garlic beds.

The goat kids!  I spent many hours laying in the hay with these precious ones.

Goats.  Cute when they're young, they can grow up to be Machiavellian monsters.  :p

Frolicking in the morning sun.

Finally after five weeks, I felt the call to go, although it was very hard to leave the lovely community and precious baby goats, and the beautiful woods there.

Arrived in Asheville just in time to help cook this delicious Foot Not Bombs feast.

Some beautiful beeches just outside Asheville.

Crossing the mountains from Asheville to the South Toe valley.  I hiked up the first 20 miles as the road was closed to cars, and then hitchhiked down the rest of the way.  Rode up to the top of Mt Mitchell with a photographer who told me all about the history of the forest there.

Arrived at Mountain Gardens, the most beautiful human habitation I'd ever seen.  Mostly natural construction using local materials, and a huge variety of beautiful plants, some of which started popping up and blooming during the early spring weeks I spent there.

Burned these locust beams to make them more rot resistant.

We dug this terrace and started to build the new greenhouse here.  Working during the day on the mountainside was just beautiful.  With no leaves on the trees, you could see all the mountains across the valley.

Climbed up to Celo Knob in the Black Mountains.  

After Mountain Gardens, I stayed at Snaggy Mountain for a few days.  These are some beautiful old trees on the hill there.

Befriended Diane the cat, one of the most affectionate cats I've known.

From there I went back to Asheville, hitchhiked to Knoxville, and then caught bus and train back to Berkeley, where I walked the few blocks from the Emeryville train station to the First They Came For The Homeless camp right along the railroad tracks, and set up a tent.

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